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Groups Call for Costco Boycott

With cards spelling out "Costco Pollutes" and "Boycott Costco," opponents of a chicken processing plant in Fremont and four recently-approved, confined animal feeding chicken operations (CAFO) in Washington County, hoped those driving into the parking lot of the Costco Store on Dodge Street in Omaha would think twice about entering the store Saturday.

Depression Spikes 33 Percent in 5 Years

U.S. health insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield reports diagnoses of clinical depression have increased by 33 percent in the past five years among its 41 million privately insured members. The Blue Cross data suggests 85 percent of depression sufferers battle at least one other health condition, whereas nearly one-third of depressed people present with four or more additional health concerns. A survey by the American Psychiatric Association indicates rates of anxiety are up in the U.S., whereas data from health insurer Cigna points to increasing levels of loneliness among Americans. 

How Excess Iron Raises Your Risk for Alzheimer's

Your body has limited capacity to excrete iron, which means it can build up in your tissues and organs. This is problematic, as iron is a potent oxidizer, capable of damaging tissues, including your brain. Buildup of iron in your brain causes a rusting effect, and appears to play an important role in the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have also found elevated cerebrospinal fluid iron levels are strongly correlated with the presence of the Alzheimer’s risk allele, APOE-e4, and patients with higher iron levels deteriorate earlier and faster than those with low iron.

Do You Know Where Your Meat Comes From?

Consumers know if the tomatoes they buy in the supermarket were imported from Mexico. They know if the sweater they purchased was made in Vietnam.

They also know if the chicken they toss in their grocery cart was imported from another country. Under Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) laws, these products are required to carry labels that tell you if the product was imported from another country.

A Food Revolution: The Climate Case for a Factory Farm Ban

The way we grow our food and raise livestock has changed significantly over the past several decades. Independent, small-scale family farms are increasingly giving way to industrial factory farms.

Factory farms have problems, one of which is their contribution to global climate change.

Fluoridation on Trial: Coverage Lacking

Largely unseen, a lawsuit that aims to outlaw public water fluoridation is moving forward in the federal District Court of Northern California. In earthquake-prone California, this suit could eventually shake a pillar of U.S. public health policy.

Latest Update on Toxicity of Popular Weed Killer and Proposed Rule for Labeling of GMOs

Government researchers warn the Roundup formula is far more toxic than glyphosate in isolation, due to synergistic interactions between various chemicals. Testing by the U.S. National Toxicology Program reveals glyphosate formulations such as Roundup “significantly altered” the viability of human cells by disrupting the functionality of cell membranes. The Ramazzini Institute in Italy is raising public funds to perform a comprehensive, independent, global glyphosate study. Stage 1 will investigate the chemical’s carcinogenicity and chronic toxicity potential.

Landmark Lawsuit Claims Monsanto Hid Cancer Danger of Weedkiller for Decades

On 18 June, DeWayne Johnson will become the first person to take the global seed and chemical company to trial on allegations that it has spent decades hiding the cancer-causing dangers of its popular Roundup herbicide products – and his case has just received a major boost.

Last week Judge Curtis Karnow issued an order clearing the way for jurors to consider not just scientific evidence related to what caused Johnson’s cancer, but allegations that Monsanto suppressed evidence of the risks of its weed killing products. Karnow ruled that the trial will proceed and a jury would be allowed to consider possible punitive damages.

The Peril on Your Plate

The biotech giants are promising cutting-edge traits in GMO seeds and weed-killing chemicals, to feed the hungry and bring farmers bigger harvests of pest-resistant crops. From India to the UK and across the Atlantic, people question the safety of GMOs to both the environment and human health. RTD looks at the hidden dangers of the GM industry and agricultural chemicals.

Chicken Challenge Moves to the Metro

Swords remain crossed over Costco’s plans for a chicken plant in Fremont and the battle lines moved to Omaha Saturday.

Dozens turned out at the Costco near 120th and Dodge to protest the proposed facility.

How Farmed and Frankenfish Salmon Endanger Our Most Perfect Food

In November 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved AquaBounty salmon, a genetically engineered (GE) “frankenfish” engineered to grow about twice as fast as typical farm-raised salmon. In Canada, the GE salmon are already being sold and eaten, to the tune of 5 tons in 2017, and could be coming to U.S. grocery stores as early as 2019, with no labels as such. Farmed fish facilities, often described as CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) of the sea, pump water from rivers into their hatcheries, then pump it back out to the river once it’s no longer clean.

Two Major Legal Victories in Federal Court Case to End Water Fluoridation

Fluoride Action Network (FAN) is among a coalition of environmental, medical and health groups suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban artificial water fluoridation. FAN has recently won two major legal victories, defeating efforts by the EPA to dismiss the case and limit the evidence that can be considered. Legal experts say the lawsuit will be precedent setting and increase other challenges to EPA chemical rules by environmental watchdog groups.

To Curb 'Scary Amount of Power,' New Campaign Urges FTC to Break Up Facebook

"It's time to make Facebook safe for democracy."

That's the central demand behind the new Freedom From Facebook campaign, a joint project of several progressive advocacy groups who say the social media giant—which also owns and operates the popular WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram platforms—has become too powerful and must be confronted.

Indian Supreme Court Says Seeds, Plants and Animals Are Not Patentable

There has been a major victory for the planet, for biodiversity, for seeds, for farmers, for the rule of law in India’s Supreme Court with the court refusing to overrule a decision of the High Court that upholds article 3j of India’s Patent law , amended to implement the Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights Agreement of the WTO.

What Is Camu Camu Good For?

  • Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a small orange-red fruit, similar in size to that of a large cherry, with a tart flavor; the camu camu tree grows primarily in South America. Camu camu contains exceptionally high amounts of vitamin C — anywhere from 1,882 to 2,280 milligrams per 100 grams of fresh fruit. For comparison, acerola cherries typically contain around 1,678 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. Vitamin C is an important immune booster and helps defend against viral attacks and inflammation. It’s also used by your body for wound healing, repairing and maintaining the health of your bones and teeth. 

Protests Against GMO, Toxic Pesticides Erupt in Several Countries

Rallies have swept the streets of Buenos Aires, Hamburg and Paris to denounce the corporate agrochemical giants Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta.

The participants protested against genetically modified seeds and monopolies in the agricultural sector. They criticized the use of toxic pesticides in southern countries, the expansion of genetic engineering and the practice of seed patents.

Important Facts on Depression: Types, Symptoms and Treatment

It’s normal for people to sometimes feel sad or disheartened, especially when they experience low points in their life. However, these “blues” usually go away when any happy circumstances occur. But in some people, this low mood becomes persistent and lasts a long time. And if it comes with other symptoms, such as lack of interest in enjoyable activities, a feeling of hopelessness or thoughts about self-harm or even suicide you may be suffering from depression.