February Monthly Meeting - Sharing Meeting

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 - 7:00pm

By popular request, this will be another sharing meeting, an opportunity for you to bring your questions about your own situation to the group and to share your journey with other members.
In addition, Paul Henshall will once again lead us through the Stop / Start / Continue exercise to discuss what we do now that we should stop, what we should start doing and what we should continue doing.

Remember that our group’s two objectives are:
 To support men and their families affected by prostate cancer, especially those newly diagnosed.
 To increase public awareness of prostate cancer

We accomplish the second objective through our various awareness activities at church and corporate health fairs and at car shows and cruise nights, with our flagship event, Cruisin’ for a Cure, being the most impactful. We will continue with these activities unless someone can come up with a better way to reach men and their families.
However, for a variety of reasons, meeting our first objective is becoming increasingly difficult, due to such factors as every man’s natural reluctance to open up to strangers, the wealth of resources available online and the continuing controversy surrounding the use of the PSA blood test to test for potential prostate cancer.

Rest assured that all support groups are scrambling for ways to increase or perhaps just to maintain their membership levels. That is always the topic most discussed whenever the leaders of support groups get together. (For example, PCCN Brampton represents Ontario on a monthly telephone conversation with support group leaders from all ten Provinces. None of us can come up with any really good ways to contact newly diagnosed men without huge budgets for advertising and/or many volunteers to staff rooms at major cancer hospitals.)

You can forward your questions or suggestions to:  info@pccnbrampton.ca or telephone 905-458-6650.

We look forward to seeing you at our NEW meeting location, Norton Place Park Community Centre, 170 Clark Boulevard, Brampton, Ontario.  The building is located north of Clark, east of West Drive and west of Dixie Road. (GPS coordinates 43°42'27.5"N 79°43'39.5"W)

Parking is plentiful, well lit and free - and there are no stairs to be navigated.