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Have a look at some of the presentations made at our past meetings, where available...

Alison Pryce - Introduction to Mental Health (MH) and Mental Illness (MI)

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 - 7:00pm
Alison Pryce
Alison Pryce

Alison Pryce of the Canadian Mental Health Association – Peel Branch (CMHA Peel) will provide us with an Introduction to Mental Health (MH) and Mental Illness (MI).

Alison’s presentation will:

  • Deal with MH / MI in general rather than dealing with specific illnesses. 
  • Provide statistics to illustrate how prevalent these issues can be.
  • Discuss how MH issues could have an impact within your family.
  • Discuss some signs and indicators to look out for.
  • Explore some of the contributing factors for MH and MI.
  • Wrap up with things that you can do to do to help yourself and others.

She will bring some guides to resources that are available in Peel Region including places in the community that individuals may turn to.

Alison Pryce has worked for the CMHA Peel branch for the past 7 years. Her background is in Social Service Work, Mental Health Promotion and Youth Education. She enjoys speaking to a variety of audiences and is proud to help decrease the stigma associated with mental illness.

For over 50 years, the Canadian Mental Health Association – Peel Branch (CMHA Peel) has provided services for people with mental illness and for educating Peel residents about mental health issues. They are innovative partners in strengthening individual support and developing a responsive mental health system. CMHA Peel champions good mental health for everyone and supports the full participation of those with mental illness and addictions in the life of the community. 

Alison recently spoke at a Men's Health Symposium sponsored by The Walnut Foundation -

Dr. Ewa Szumacher - Adjuvant and Salvage Radiotherapy after Prostatectomy

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 - 7:00pm
Dr. Ewa Szumacher
Dr. Ewa Szumacher

Dr. Ewa Szumacher, MD, MEd, FRCP(C) is an affiliate scientist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and an associate of Dr. Andrew Loblaw.

Dr. Szumacher advises, "My research interest is in medical education particularly in how patients communicate with their health care providers .We are developing web-based materials for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer regarding radiotherapy after prostatectomy . The content was validated among sample of patients and their healthcare providers and it is now in portal developmental stage. The project is supported by our GU site group."

Extracts from the Sunnybrook Research Institute website:
Appointments and Affiliations:
Affiliate scientist, Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Odette Cancer Research Program, Sunnybrook Research Institute
Associate professor, department of radiation oncology, U of T
Academic-coordinator, medical radiation sciences program, department of radiation oncology, U of T

Research Foci:
Genitourinary malignancies
Medical education
Needs assessment of patients, health care providers and trainees in radiotherapy practice
Enhancing patients and health care providers' decisional preferences for radiotherapy treatment
Developing an inter-professional learning environment and creating modalities for continuing professional education in radiation oncology

Research Summary:
The focus of Dr. Szumacher's research is to understand the needs and preferences of cancer patients in radiation oncology practice. This includes:
understanding patient preferences in the treatment of bone metastases with palliative radiotherapy (RT)
understanding needs of older patients with early breast cancer while undergoing adjuvant RT
developing a patient decision aid for adjuvant RT for older women with early breast cancer
understanding the needs of prostate cancer patients treated with radical prostatectomy who require adjuvant and salvage RT.

Dr. Szumacher aims to improve the care of cancer patients by working together as an inter-professional team in radiation oncology practice. This is achieved by:
fostering an interprofessional practice in radiation oncology through continuing medical education (CME), scholarly work and research
understanding the needs of health care providers in cancer care and enhancing RT services and treatment in underserviced areas
developing and assessing the effectiveness of an educational intervention on the congruence of prostate and rectal contouring as compared to a gold standard in planning for three-dimensional RT for prostate cancer
developing an interprofessional learning environment and creating modalities for continuing professional education in radiation therapy by organizing interprofessional CME events
investigating interprofessional needs of cancer care providers and trainees.

Dr. Michael Greenspan - Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction as Related to Prostate Cancer Treatments

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 - 7:00pm

Dr. Michael Greenspan is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Urology at McMaster University and a well-known speaker in Southern Ontario.

We are honoured that Dr. Greenspan has agreed to step in at such short notice to address our group.

Dr. Greenspan’s background is both impressive and varied. He:
- graduated from University of Toronto in 1974, obtained a Urology fellowship in Nov 1979 and has been in practice at Hamilton General since 1980.
- serves as a consultant/ advisor/ speaker for Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Astellas, Ferring, Abbott and American Medical Systems.
- was awarded a Cornerstone Award in 1999 by Hamilton Civic Hospitals for outstanding contributions to the hospitals and to his community.
- received the John Sibley Award in 2013, given by the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster for outstanding teaching contributions to medical students, residents, and community physicians nationwide.
- works as a kidney retrieval surgeon for Trillium Gift of Life (South-Central Ontario) and has performed more than 600 retrievals.
- is a Charter Member of the Ontario Doctor’s Hockey Hall of Fame.

You can forward your questions or suggestions to: or telephone 905-458-1812.

We look forward to seeing you in Room #2, upstairs at
The Terry Miller Recreation Center,
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Darren Au - Update on Exercise and Prostate Cancer

Tuesday, 13 January 2015 - 7:00pm

Darren Au is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Registered Kinesiologist. He completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Guelph in Human Kinetics and post-graduate certificate in Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management at Humber College. Currently, he is a graduate student at the University of Guelph under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Santa Mina, who has spoken to us several times in the past.

Darren’s research interests lie in the evaluation of two novel approaches to pelvic floor training (Pfilates and Hypopressives) for the recovery of urinary incontinence for men undergoing surgery for prostate cancer. Darren is a strong advocate for cancer and exercise, with a primary goal of maintaining and improving physical fitness and function before, during, and after treatment.

His experience in clinical and research practice at the Princess Margaret Hospital includes extensive fitness testing, exercise prescription, and training for cancer survivors.

Darren will update us on current research into the role of fitness during treatment and recovery from PCa. The topic of exercise seems quite appropriate in January, when many of us are recovering from over-indulgence and making resolutions to get fitter in 2015.

He will also describe two exercise-based studies that are currently recruiting participants from support groups in the GTA, including PCCN Brampton:

Study 1: will examine the role of personal training vs. group training vs. home-based training delivery strategies for men with PCa undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy.

Study 2: will examine the role of a novel new approach to pelvic floor strengthening vs. conventional kegel exercises for men with PCa following radical prostatectomy.

You can also forward your questions or suggestions to: or telephone 905-458-1812.

We look forward to seeing you in Room #2, upstairs at
The Terry Miller Recreation Center,
1295 Williams Parkway, at the southwest corner of Williams Parkway & Bramalea Road.

Parking as always is free.

Christmas Potluck and Social Evening

Tuesday, 9 December 2014 - 7:00pm
Cruisin' Survivor Shirt Front
Cruisin' Survivor Shirt Front
Cruisin' Survivor Shirt Back
Cruisin' Survivor Shirt Back

Our annual Christmas Potluck and Social Evening will feature good food, good people, door prizes and our unique 50:50 draw where 50% of the pot goes to one ticket holder and the balance goes to another ticket holder. Anne Breakey Hart of Prostate Cancer Canada will be our special guest again this year.

Please do come out and bring your favourite recipe. We will provide a birthday cake to mark PCCN Brampton’s 20th Birthday. As in years past, it is unlikely that anybody will go away hungry. Contributions to the door prize pool are most welcome.

In addition, we have obtained a limited number of Cruisin’ for a Cure SURVIVOR shirts in white only. They will be available at the meeting, priced at $5 for a short-sleeved shirt, $10 for a long-sleeved version with pocket and $20 for a zippered hoodie.

You can also forward your questions or suggestions to:

We look forward to seeing you in Room #2, upstairs at
The Terry Miller Recreation Center,
1295 Williams Parkway, at the southwest corner of Williams Parkway & Bramalea Road.

Parking as always is free.

Dr. Robert Bristow

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 - 7:00pm
Dr. Robert Bristow
Dr. Robert Bristow

Dr. Bristow is one of PCC Brampton's favourite speakers. He has presented many fascinating topics to us over the years and his presentations always generate worthwhile discussions.

Dr. Mojtaba Beheshti - 20 Years!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014 - 7:00pm
Dr. Mojtaba Besheshti
Dr. Mojtaba Besheshti addresses our April 2006 meeting.

To mark our 20th Anniversary as a peer support organization, our special guest will be Dr. Mojtaba Besheshti, who will share his thoughts on our history and on “Prostate Cancer Survivors’ Unmet Needs”. Dr. Beheshti is a urologist with 35 years of experience and is still practicing in Brampton. He is also a member of the Canadian Urology Research Consortium.

Dr. Beheshti is looking forward to seeing his patients and old friends at the meeting. It has been far too long since we have seen him at a meeting!

It is only fitting that Dr. Beheshti be our honoured guest at this very special meeting. Twenty years ago, assisted by Norm Oman from Us TOO Winnipeg, he presented the peer support concept to a group of 150 interested men and women at Peel Memorial Hospital in Brampton. Dr. Beheshti's vision and passion subsequently inspired many.

In the beginning, he was ably assisted by two local nurses, Sandy Stevens and Jackie Gray. With the dedicated guidance and support of these three professionals, a number of local men created Us TOO Brampton Prostate Cancer Support Group, which recently became Prostate Cancer Canada Network Brampton Inc.

Our late, beloved chairman, Fred Norris, describes the early days in the History section of our website at As Fred remarked at the end of his writeup, "We have come a long way since 1994. I am proud that we, as a group, have helped so many along the way."

Please join us for this landmark meeting!

Remember that we meet at:
Terry Miller Recreation Centre
1295 Williams Parkway, Room #2 (Upstairs - there is an elevator)
Brampton, Ontario.
(at the southwest corner of Williams Parkway & Bramalea Road)

Parking is free.

Annual June Potluck & Social Evening

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 - 7:00pm

Due to an e-mail block caused by new Anti-Spam regulations, not everyone received the notice of the meeting and so our attendance was down slightly for the meeting. Those who were able to attend had a good time and some even went home with one of the many door prizes we had available.

A special guest, personal trainer Ian King of Total Body Fitness visited to describe his exercise programs for cancer survivors. Ian also consented to lead the warmup exercises at our Do it for Dads Father's Day Walk/Run at Mississauga Valley Park.

Jim Dorsey put together a video review of the many events that the group participated in during the year. For a small group we accomplish a great deal.

Dr. Sheila Tervit, Psychologist

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 - 7:00pm
Dr. Sheila Tervit
Dr. Tervit, Registered Psychologist

Topic: “The Emotional Rollercoaster: From diagnosis to survivorship, a review of the emotional reactions individuals may experience when faced with prostate cancer.”

Dr. Sheila Tervit, C.Psych., Psychologist received her Ph.D. in Psychology from the State University of New York (SUNY) in 2001. After completing an internship at the London Health Sciences Centre in Behavioural Medicine, Dr. Tervit went on to hold professional positions with Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital (Greater Chicago area), Trillium Health Centre, and the Peel Regional Cancer Centre (PRCC) at Credit Valley Hospital. Dr. Tervit has been working in private practice full-time since 2010.

In addition to her private practice work, Dr. Tervit works with the Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation providing short-term counseling to individuals diagnosed with cancer and their families. She also facilitates support groups and is a frequent guest speaker with this organization.

Dr. Tervit is a member of the Canadian Psychological Association, Ontario Psychological Association and Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation’s Program Committee. Dr. Tervit takes great pleasure in being able to share her knowledge and experiences and has had the good fortune to teach undergraduate courses at SUNY and Niagara University. Presenting in an informative and engaging manner, Dr. Tervit has given seminars and workshops for Cancer Care Ontario and Lung Cancer Canada as well as parenting and support organizations in the community.

Dr. Tervit is skilled in a variety of evidenced-based treatments and utilizes a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach. Her areas of specialty include treating depression and anxiety disorders as well as assisting individuals in coping with medical illness, managing pain, and adjusting to loss.

Dr. Tervit's practice is located in the heart of the village of Streetsville in Mississauga, Ontario. Her office address is:

168 Queen Street South, Suite 202
Mississauga, ON L5M 1K8
Tel: 905.464.6142

The venue for our meetings is:
Terry Miller Recreation Centre
1295 Williams Parkway, Room #2 (Upstairs - there is an elevator)
Brampton, Ontario.
Parking is free.

Please forward your questions or suggestions for Dr. Tervit to: