Past Meetings

Have a look at some of the presentations made at our past meetings, where available...

Personal Experiences Night

Tuesday, 9 April 2013 - 7:00pm

Share YOUR Prostate Cancer Journey

Both men and their supporters are cordially invited to speak on this special evening. Please contact Jim or Sandi @ 905-453-3038 or email to be added to the program.

Paul Henshall has already signed up two men to speak and he describes their situations below.

Sandy Gray was my Superintendent of Schools when I was a VP in Bramalea. He elected brachytherapy as his treatment. Recently, an aggressive tumor was detected and he sought our advice and chose to join us due to the quality of the counseling he received. Recently, Sandy had "salvage" surgery performed at Sunnybrook by Dr. Nam. He will discuss his latest journey.

Barry Batanoff was the Assistant Head for Chemistry in the Science department when I taught in at the Woodlands in Mississauga. Barry and I met, after numerous years, at a funeral for a colleague who died of pancreatic cancer after surviving leukemia. After his prostatectomy, Barry suffered through a number of years with incontinence. When we invited Dr. Casey to tell us about his new implant solution to incontinence, I invited Barry to join us for the presentation. BTW, our department head, Ross, also had prostate cancer. So 4 of 10 have been diagnosed, a skewed headcount.

Men's Health and Wellness

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 - 7:00pm

Dr. Vincent Sinclair, DC

This presentation will focus on the prevention of the most prevalent men's health issues as identified by the Mayo Clinic.

Topics will include cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, prostatitis, BPH, impotence, erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness and depression.

The common thread relevant to these disorders will also be discussed.

Personalized Treatment Based on DNA

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 - 7:00pm

Dr. Bristow is a Radiation Oncologist at Princess Margaret Hospital, among many other involvements. His presentations to our group over the years have always been outstanding. This time, he will speak to recent improvements in the ability to create individual gene signatures that reflect the relative aggressiveness of cancer promise to allow more personalized approaches to treatment for patients.

In 2012, Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) honoured Dr. Bristow as a national hero for his contributions to prostate cancer research and awareness. He was awarded the John Ferguson Memorial Award for prostate cancer at the Toronto Wake Up Call Breakfast event on April 4. As the official PCC press release stated, “The John Ferguson Memorial Award is given to an individual who best exemplifies John Ferguson’s qualities of courage, determination and integrity, and whose outstanding impact in the fight against this disease is an inspiration to others.“ His research programs and clinical trials are endeavouring to find the best therapy for men with prostate cancer.

“He is internationally respected for his achievements, and universally respected for his compassion, vision and strength of character. Dr. Bristow is a committed volunteer, who was an important member of the PCC Board of Directors and Scientific Medical Advisory Committee. From being the leader and driving force behind the international ICGC-CPC Gene Project, to speaking at virtually any event we ask him to attend, to working long hours with a passion that is a marvel to witness. Dr. Bristow is a most deserving choice to receive PCC’s most prestigious award.”

We are honoured that he has accepted our invitation to appear at our February meeting.

Percy’s Story

Tuesday, 8 January 2013 - 7:00pm

We are fortunate that Percy and his caregiver Heather are available on January 8th to tell us about Percy’s journey from apparent good health to his shocking diagnosis with Stage 4 prostate cancer through two years of treatment and a successful battle to have Zytiga approved for payment by OHIP.

Percy has been on Zytiga since November and the results have been nothing short of spectacular as Heather recently reported: I can tell you that the drug (first hand knowledge) is unbelievable. Percy has had no side waits in the chemo pain....just a continued feeling of well being. It is almost criminal to think that men had to wait 15 months....suffer for 15 months....some died in the 15 months....while Ontario, oblivious to pain and suffering, put off/ignored/failed/disregarded funding approval.

Lesson to all: Fight for what you believe in and don't accept Government ignorance and indecision! Make them listen! Make noise! Make them accountable!

Theirs is a unique, inspiring story that shows what ordinary people can accomplish when they decide to take on an indifferent bureaucracy.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to meet Percy and Heather!

Christmas Potluck

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 - 7:00pm

This is our annual Christmas Social & Potluck. Please bring your favourite holiday specialty and spend the evening socializing with the rest of our great members.

As always, we will have a 50:50 draw and free door prizes, including two Cruisin' for a Cure zippered, hooded sweat shirts.

We have a number of very classy Prostate Cancer Canada tee shirts to give away as well. They were left over from our first Father's Day Walk / Run event in 2011.

If you have some small items that could be re-gifted, feel free to bring them along. We always like to try and send everyone home with some small gift.