PCCN Brampton Sponsors the Senior Moments Top Dragster for 2014

Mighty Mouse Top Dragster
"Mighty Mouse" with Denis Paris at AutoFest 2012
Phil Nedham and his basic philosophy
Phil Nedham and the racer's philosophy: Wide Open til you see God Then Brake!

Wednesday, April 30th @ 7 p.m. EST

PCCN Brampton decided long ago to increase awareness of prostate cancer by seeking out men involved in the car hobby. Our signature event each year is Cruisin' for a Cure Canada, a one-day vehicle show where we showcase cars, trucks, motorcycles and even snowmobiles in a family-friendly event. The key feature of this show, which has run every year since 2007, is to "get the boys together with their toys...and stick 'em!"

When Phil Nedham was put on "Active Surveillance" in 2010, he was already aware of our activities in this area so he approached us for sponsorship and proposed that his newly-purchased dragster be "wrapped" in black vinyl with PCCN Brampton's logo and the slogan "Early Detection Can Save Your Life...It Did Mine."

Now called "Mighty Mouse" instead of some of the other nicknames that it earned over the first few years, Phil's dragster has evolved from a stubborn vehicle that very seldom made it down the track to one that runs consistently in the top levels of its class. At its last outing in 2013, Mighty Mouse came in second. We are anticipating even better results this year.

Our member Steve Hutton has become Phil's crew chief over the years, assisted by relatives and friends, notably Alison and Trina of Kelly Shire's Angels fame.

Be sure to look us up in the pits at the seven drag racing events that are listed on the Appearance Schedule below or at either AutoFest in Oshawa, August 22 through 24 or Cruisin' for a Cure in Brampton on September 14.