Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy treats prostate cancer by stopping the hormone testosterone from reaching the prostate cancer cells.

Testosterone is produced by the testicles and adrenal glands. One of its roles is to control the development and growth of the sexual organs, including the prostate gland. Normal levels of testosterone do not usually cause any problems, but if there are cancer cells in the prostate gland, testosterone can cause them to grow faster. In other words, testosterone 'feeds' the prostate cancer. If testosterone is taken away, the cancer cells shrink, wherever they are in the body.

Hormone therapy alone will not get rid of your prostate cancer but it can keep it under control for many months or years before you and your doctor may need to consider additional treatment options. It can also be used with other treatments to help make them more effective.

Description from Prostate Cancer UK

The following PCCN Brampton peer support people have experience with hormone therapy:

Jim Dorsey
Jim Dorsey
(905) 453-3038

Jim Dorsey

Diagnosed in 1999 with advanced, aggressive prostate cancer. Treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital: six months of hormone shots, 38 doses of external beam radiation, followed by an additional five years of hormone shots. Now deemed free of prostate cancer.


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